our business

jet defence core business

Strong holistic offer of governmental aircraft lease financing – “one stop shop”

  • Partnerships
    with investors,
    banks and manufacturers

  • Full fleet
    readiness support

  • Operating lease or
    capital lease financing of
    new or pre-owned aircraft

  • Customer
    requested services


Jet Defence Leasing

Financing capacities
up to USD 3bn

Network of Partners, Investors
and Banks to deliver commercial
and financial offers to Clients

Holistic offers covering all financial
aspects for Clients and Stakeholders

Leasing average interest rate*

military aircraft civilian aircraft
Europe 5% to 6,5% 3,5% to 4,5%
Outside Europe 8% to 15% 5% to 9%

* Prudential formula subject to country cotation and guarantees. All over conditions to be negociated (deposit, equity, balloon, lease loan amount, nominal interest rate, duration…) and subject to initial payment. Funding in euro.

reasons to lease

Financial reasons

Leasing makes possible procurements that couldn’t be fulfilled through purchase

– High investment entailed by fleet size requirement
– Limited investment capabilities

Purchase and lease go under different budget items

– Capital budget: heavy, complex and long decision making process, generally cannot be available before following year(s)
– Operating budget: more accessible, faster available, easily renewable (for priority programs)

operational reasons

Interim aircraft ahead of fleet renewal/upgrade

Product testing before commitment

Interim aircraft to replace attrition losses prior to order delivery

Incentive to optimize/outsource specific activities

(e.g. training, surveillance)

a win win concept

Optimizing military investments
Handling interim periods ahead of new deliveries
Easy financing
Manufacturer and State approved
Compensating aircraft attrition
Fast setup
Test of new products before committing orders
Full support